– Be kind and loving to all as this is the way of God.
– I support truth and free speech and the laws of the father and God and no man or government has any right to take away my God given rights and freedoms.

Web Design
Graphic Design
SEO & Marketing

B.C.’s Cariboo Agency creates pixel perfection every time.
70 Mile House BC

sound dj space 70 Mile House

Sound Rentals
Lighting Rentals
DJ Services

Also Events Management, Tent Rentals, Staging & Entertainment Services

70 Mile Craft Grüit Beer

70 Mile Craft Grüit Beer

Craft Brewery – Beer Distillery Equipment
Gruit Beer is the only estrogen free beer making it a better more natural Beer
Licensed with plans to launch on 4.7.2023

No need to steal or starve or go without!

I will lovingly help those in need within my community with some extra food, rabbits and eggs. God provides a little more than needed likely for this reason.

God is good and so shall we be 🙂 778.707.0787 and if I don’t pick up send me an email lorne.wettstein@gmail.com

I also accept food donations and wood donations I give firewood to those in need as well. 7 cords given this year already 🙂

God is good and so shall we be 🙂


P. 778 707 0787   P. 604 757 1723
2603 N Bonaparte RD 70 Mile House BC V0K 2K0